Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday's Thrifty Finds

Besides being wonderful glass globes do you know what these were in their first life?

 This one may give it away...the large ones are street light globes and the smaller ones are from security lights like you would have in your backyard. This one is the outer covering for the small one above. I thought it would look beautiful with a candle inside since it has a hole in the top. Imagine an outside dinner party at dusk. The ribbed glass will probably have a dramatic affect on the flickering light.

This one is hard to see through as well so it may serve well just as a cloche to protect young plants from a late frost...any decorative ideas?

We have the 3rd one on our kitchen table. This wasn't the best time of day for photographing but you can see how beautiful and purposeful they can be in their next life. My chickens are finally protected from accidental beheading by roudy kittens.
Like them? We will have two more large ones and two more small ones in the shop this summer. We are keeping our eyes open for more but so many were destroyed by the utility company when they were taken out of use that they are hard to come by.

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  1. The stree light globes are adorable! What a nice find and I am sure you will think of ton's of ways to use them! What fun.


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