Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Crunch Time Again

Chico was the first to investigate the pumpkin

We got our first snow this past weekend and while I was decorating the fence with garland and lights I threw the old pumpkins over the fence for the horses. I loved the contrast of the orange against the new white snow.

Who knew a pumpkin would cause such a ruckus?

The horses weren't playing very nice, and this photo doesn't do justice to their noble breed the American Quarter Horse,  but again, I liked the backdrop the snow presented. I love vivid color as you may have noticed already in most of my floorcloths.

Cheyenne with her stolen pumpkin

And lastly, I just loved this photo because it's typical Cheyenne! She only liked the pumpkin because I gave it to the horses. When they got tired of it she left and found someone else to annoy. 

It's crunch time again for me this week. I had a week to re-coup from the Grande Opening and catch up on some of what I had neglected for the last month. Now it's Christmas decorating and shopping time. Our daughter comes in on Saturday night and we will be celebrating a little early before she leaves to go back to Oklahoma for Christmas there. It's been a crazy year. I don't remember much of it actually...glad I have the blog!

Vintage Costume Jewelry 
I'll be in or around the studio during work hours most days this week and Ranch Dressing will be open for your shopping pleasure. You will want to call or email first to make sure I don't miss you. I really want to encourage you to take me up on the private shopping appointments. This allows you to have my full attention...if you need me...and if not, I will continue to paint or whatever I was doing before you arrived and you can shop at your leisure. 

What are you doing this week?

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