Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What is an Occasional Sale?

The invitations are out and the questions are coming in..."What is an occasional sale?"  Our first occasional sale, I just called Grande Opening, so everyone was good with that. This term, occasional sale has filled my inbox with questions. Here are my answers:

It's really just what the name says. A sale that happens occasionally. I almost called it a Seasonal sale but that has it's own meaning too. I had been using both phrases interchangeably, so now that I'm all straight I will not be doing that anymore.

Occasional sales are all the rage right now, especially in the handmade and vintage world. According to Renee Christensen, the Minneapolis Thrifty Shopping Examiner, "Occasional sales are usually hosted by an antique dealer or a group of antique dealers, and are held as often as monthly to quarterly to biannually for three to five days."
The beauty of occasional sales is that dealers restock items throughout a sale and each sale brings new treasures. Dealers strive to showcase decorating with architectural pieces, vintage wares, repurposed and recycled furniture, rustic and retro furniture, cabin and cottage style accessories, household and garden wares, and textiles."

 Our sales will be quarterly this first year and last 3 days each. Items are priced to GO. If something has been in the store for months it's been marked down. Collectible items are averaged with national markets and handmade art or fine crafts are marked about 10 to 20% less than what they will be listed for online if they don't sell during the weekend.

The back corner
Here are a few teaser photos as promised. Some areas of the shop look like an explosion, but I managed to get in the very back corner and take a few pictures. This is where most of the kitchen ware, candles and pottery are. 

 More to come....

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