Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Win This!

Tiered jewelry dish
We are giving away one of our tiered jewelry dishes this weekend at the sale. It's a small one that would fit right in on anyone's dresser. It is made from three entirely different patterns but work together beautifully. I'm as addicted to making these as I am trinket boxes.

All you have to do to win is stop by Friday, Saturday or Sunday during the sale and drop your name in the cookie jar. We will draw a name on Sunday at 5pm. I will email or call you if you are the winner. 

I'm all but finished with preparations. Tomorrow, I will make sure everything is priced and finish a few small projects, take a deep breath and call it DONE. I set my goal to be done two days before the sale this time...I think I'm going to make it. 

I am looking forward to seeing you this weekend...and I hope you win!

OH, and I've added lots of new pictures of the shop on our Facebook Page if you want to take a gander...I'll post some here tomorrow, but there are lots there already. Click on the highlighted link above or there is also a link in the sidebar. 

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