Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How Tu...esday. Get Creative with Containers

Over the weekend, we had a family cookout at the lake where my brother-in-law and his wife live. Everywhere we looked they had the most beautiful pots of plants and flowers which lead to a conversation about the expense of not the flowers...but the containers.

It's true. Containers bought at the garden shop or even one of the big box stores will set you back a pretty penny.  I have a hard time personally, justifying the cost, although I have splurged a time or two for a beautiful pot. For the most part though I have usually looked around behind our out buildings or through my husband's junk stash for anything hollow to stuff my plants and flowers in...
I am a cheap-o.

Old cast iron pot with it's lid propped up at it's side

Late one Sunday evening I got a whim to add a couple of planters on each side of the shop walkway...but I didn't have two matching containers except the ones on my front porch. Not many people come to our front door when they visit so I seriously considered swiping those. Then, from no where to now here (I love that expression) I saw in my mind's eye the trailer park planter from a past life I suppose. I went out behind Rick's shop and found his scrapped block from the same building and wha-la...matching planters. Being the junque dealer that I am it is only fitting that I use said junque in my own decorating. Right?

Half of a concrete block set up on it's end...bottomless so it's great for something with long roots or perennials 

The little granite blocks around the concrete block are from the Blue Ridge Mountains and were at one time part of a parkway wall that was removed for new construction.  All of the  granite used in the parkway was actually mined from the mountains by the way. The horseshoe is one of many that I've used in my gardens. I love the rusty brown with the plain gray backdrop of the concrete block.

It appears that I really have an appreciation for rust...another rusty piece that I love!

Old fireplace grate works as a pot holder for my geraniums this summer.

I don't do just rust....This old enamel milk bucket has always been one of my favorites. Everything I put in it looks great...white seems just make everything pop.

In the shop, I've taken lots of things that might have gone to the dump and am using them as plant containers. To
me they still have a few more years of service in them lending their character and beauty in new ways. 

Old galvanized bucket with a nice, pretty wooden handle and decorative  hardware

Sweet, rusty enamel coffee pot 

Bromwell sifter...a little bent and rusty, a lot cute! ...and the Sweet Annie  pictured here is looking much better. I think she was still in shock from the transplant.
What is your favorite alternative to a pricey planter? I'd love to see your photos too...leave a link with your comment.  I  hope you can get out and enjoy your garden today! I plan to do the same.

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