Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Love of Aqua

Aqua Mirror 

I am probably the last one to start painting my furniture with aqua blue but once I started I couldn't stop. Everything looked so good I wanted to keep going....First the old mirror in the photo above. It was already oxidized so I went with it and am thrilled with the effect. You will have to see it in person to really appreciate all the texture. I think I had been hesitant to use aqua for things in my shop because of the green walls which looks good with almost everything but aqua! Once I put the quilt up behind it there was NO problem with the pieces disappearing into the wall.

I wanted to unify the chest of drawers, the mirror and bed although they are three different styles. By painting them all the same color they can be used together if someone so chooses and it works wonderfully!

4 Drawer Aqua Chest of Drawers 
I decided on small glass knobs so as to not go too prissy or too masculine. I had envisioned something a little more ornate initially but this look is simple and perfect for the piece.

Jenny Lind Single Bed 
I left the original casters on the bed to retain the charm of the period...this is an oldie from the depression era.

All three together

The clean lines of the chest work for a boy or girl and although the pieces are different styles they compliment one another and lend themselves to lots of possibilities for putting together a kid's or even a guest room.  I think I always secretly hope things won't sell because I never do anything I wouldn't keep for myself! When the day comes for Erin to call for her childhood bedroom furniture for her children I could definitely use this in her room.

Assorted Aqua Frames
When it came time to paint some of the frames I had lying under my work table I intended to use a variety of colors...white, black, aqua and a pretty rose...but, somehow they all ended up aqua. The four smaller ones were sold on Saturday but I still have some of the 5 x 7's and 8 x 10's.

I have several more painted pieces in the shop I will show later on this week. I would use them on my porch but they can go anywhere really...can't wait to show you!

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