Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shabby Tables for Your Porch or Sunroom

Shabby Coffee Table 
Back when I was cleaning out the container from the estate we first opened our store with I came across a set of tables, 2 ends and a coffee. They were typical mid century cherry finished veneer tables....quite plain and unappealing. They moved from the trailer to the barn and stayed there for over a year while I ignored them.

One chilly day in April I started moving things out of the barn to prepare for either my booth at the Emporium or for the spring sale here at the Ranch....and on a whim, I hauled out the tables and heaved them up the stairs to the studio. In a couple of afternoons I had transformed them into something I could live with.

As usual, I really want to live with them! I have that problem...I have a relationship with my stuff. I stole this phrase from my good friend that has an equally hard time parting with his good stuff.

Shabby white end table

Just for the blog, just for the day, I wanted to take them all out of the shop and put them on my front porch with the wicker....but, I was afraid.

The other shabby white end table....I really love how a lot of the inside cherry finish shows on this one
 So here they are, still in the shop...for I intended in the first place...back on that chilly day in April.

Another view of the coffee table
If you want 'em. Come and get 'em! They are here for the pickin!

Have a great weekend ya'll. The shop will be open 12- 6 today and Friday, and 10-4 Saturday. Check our FB page for changes should something come up! 

Just my two cents,

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