Monday, June 4, 2012

Junk Baby has a New Sister

Assemblage Art Doll 
Meet Dream Baby....Junk Baby's new sister. Remember Junk Baby?

Junk Baby

She was my very first art doll...not that I have much experience yet with this fascinating art form...Dream Baby is only my second.

Unlike Junk Baby, Dream Baby is not a swinger...for some reason, my son is extremely creeped out by the swinging doll. Dream Baby is mounted on an old trophy fact, her feminine shaped body is formed by using the trophy itself upside down.

To be honest, he is creeped out by this one as well. I don't get it! To me, she's as sweet as can be...but of course, I am partial...she's my Dream Baby.

Her little skirt is part of an oil lamp and a clock gear elevates her a bit and also connects her to a spool base. She has lots of special embellishments to give her the character that her name suggests.

Dream Baby will live in the shop with Junk Baby until they are adopted out to new families. How wonderful if they could both go together. 

This weekend they both will go with me to Art with the Alpacas show and sale in Asheboro. If you'd like to see us there you can find more information by clicking this link LARK ARTISTS

Just my two cents on a Monday off to put hay in the barn before it rains.

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