Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

According to my calendar this floorcloth should have been finished last Friday. Being sick with the flu for a week sure put a hurting on my schedule, but I'm making good time this week since this is a standard design and I already have the measurements, and templates ready. I am updating a couple of the colors, but not by much. Turquoise and red are still very classic in western design. I will add the bears this afternoon and hopefully wrap it up by tomorrow and be ready to cut and prime canvas for the next three floorcloths. To see what this floorcloth will look like click here....Hugging Bear with fringe (This one will not have fringe)

I'm starting a round floorcloth next week that should take me about two weeks to complete. It too is a standard design, but I've not done it as a round rug yet. I'm excited to start it. The colors are bold and exotic, as you can see in the color bars above. I bought paint yesterday and I just can't wait to get cracking!

I guess this makes for one of the most boring posts ever...I'm just trying to get back into the swing of posting! It's all I can do to stop for five minutes and do this. Thanks for  hanging in here with me! As I get caught back up I will do a better job keeping you updated.

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