Monday, December 14, 2009

A Bit of History

 September 1987

We are no longer the house without a Christmas tree...last week I made a lot of progress, finishing up art projects for customers, getting things shipped out and lastly, decorating our home...but, I know you are not interested in all that...hopefully you are here because you want to know more about Ranch Dressing and how things are coming along.

Well, things are coming along slowly, but surely. If you are from around here, you know that we've had rain every week for months now. NC is officially out of it's drought. My first post showed a photo of where my husband, Rick will build his new shop so that I can take over his part of the studio for the store. Sadly, nothing has changed yet on that part of our property with the exception of lots of standing water. This week promises more sunshine and come hell or (more) high water, we are digging and pouring footings on Friday. Yay!

I continue to dig around in the container to find new treasures, but I can't pull anything much out yet because of lack of space upstairs in the working studio. I am wrapping things up for the year in the art end of the business and don't plan to take on any large projects until summer...there is a short waiting list forming so if you want a floorcloth by next summer contact me soon to get on the calendar for May.

In the meantime, I dug out some pictures of what it looked like here when we bought the place 22 years ago. I loved the old house that was still standing here and tried to figure out how to use it for a studio but it was just too far gone to save at that point. Because we were young and poor...and had lots of time on our hands...we (mostly Rick) tore it down piece by piece and salvaged what we could...which was not too much...for the new studio.

A couple of the girls that lived here with us for a while

You can see the cows couldn't get in there to keep it cleaned up around the house.

By spring of 1988 we had cleaned up quite a bit.

Fall 1988

Rear veiw of the smoke house and  house

Summer  1990

What a cutie! He still looks about the same with the exception of a few white hairs in his beard.

To be continued....have a great week!

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  1. Angie,
    It takes alot of guts and gumption to take on a project like that! I wish I had the skills to build a structure (read home),and greatly admire people who do.
    Love the "girls".
    Eager to see more...
    I need to go and get to work on a floorcloth commissioned by Christmas, but enjoyed stopping by.


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