Monday, December 21, 2009

A Little Nite-time Sparkle

1960's Santa my grandmother made...I've had to add a little cotton over the years but he stand's pretty much as he did when I was a child...which is honestly, a little wobbly.
 It's no secret that I love color....bold color...always have and don't guess I'll ever change. My house is easily decorated at Christmas because of all the red I already have, but I love the way it looks best at night, with only the lights from the trees and the candles in the windows.

My little thrift-store snow village sits atop the player piano in our den. The background is a 1920's velvet painting that came from my great-aunts home after she passed away at the age of 99 a few years ago. 

Tiny little hand made reindeer and a crystal the contrast of materials

 The last three photos are of our little tree and a tiny Santa, but with a little embellishment from photo shop...

Watercolor tree

...and the glowing tree.

 1950's ceramic skiing Santa

Will you miss the ambiance of the lights after the season is long gone? I really do, and will keep out a few window candles through the winter as well as the snow village minus Santa and decorated trees.  

Link your photos, I'd love to see your nite-lites.


  1. cool- yes I always miss the lights! thanks for your visit to my blog and yes those are ceiling tles in the kitchen I designed for my client,


  2. just popping in to say Happy New Year to Come!

  3. love your pictures -so cozy- yes, that is a handmade Barbie dress- not by my mom- I still have those too!


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