Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Favorite Ornaments

 Salt dough cookie cutter ornament made 20 years ago by my one year old and I 

Just a quick little post today about my favorite Christmas tree ornaments. Each year I have intentions of having one of those beautiful trees like you see in magazines and like the ones I did years ago for the Festival of Trees where someone bids on the tree and takes home all the trimmings for the price of a good cause.

...and each year with all my good intentions and new Krebs Bravarian hand blown glass ornaments ready to be displayed...I look at my little hand-made treasures from my grown-up children and know that I can't bear to leave them in the box.

She sings at the top of our tree every year
Toy Soldier Banner
A popular design among teachers...I think we have 4 or 5 of these

I believe this is a framed snowflake

This is quite possibly an original design- at any rate it's a one-of-a-kind

Some that our daughter and I made together are now 20 years old. Others, and most of them, were made by both children in the early years of elementary school. They are beginning to look a little tattered and glues have browned with age, but they make me feel like I still have little kids when I see them on the tree.

 Love, love this one!

...and this one I made.

One day, I will follow through on my grown-up tree, but I imagine I will always have a kid's tree somewhere in the house.  Do you do still put out your children's decorations?

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  1. Hi! While I do have some doggie decorated parents who have a 24 year old (me) still put some of my very first ornaments on a tree.



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