Monday, May 16, 2011

It's Handmade...and Vintage

Vintage map covered box

I love it when I can use something from my junk stash and it turns out to be quite attractive....

This is a 7 inch square box covered in a vintage 1960's NC/SC road map.

I think I keep adding marble feet to my boxes because just that little bit of color and height takes them from just a box to an accessory.

The ribbon reminded me of tire tracks or a checkered flag from the race track.

The old reflector and keys have been in a box for years waiting for a project so I knew immediately when I started searching for a knob what I needed. I thought the gas key was the perfect accent with the old car key.

I  like to finish the insides too.

...and the inside of the tops.

This one is available in the shop for our local shoppers. I will be listing lots of other embellished boxes in our Etsy shop, Ranch Dressing Online, this week. I will keep you posted.

If you are interested in seeing this box or others, give us a call. It's gorgeous on a book shelf or sitting on a table...and it earns it keep by holding what ever you want to hang on to but keep out of sight.


  1. Angie, Darlin', This box is fantastic! Truly innovative, fun, and I wish I had thought of it...You are creative, kind, and always a joy.
    You, in fact, were one of the first blogs I found that was of interest to me...for, I had Googled, "floorcloths"..(I paint them, as well, but there's room enough in the world for both of us)..I found some pretty horrible examples, but yours shown like a bright star in a dark night...
    Good to reconnect.

  2. Hey, thank you. I'm addicted to boxes lately and can't stop making them. I'm still doing floorcloths when I get an order but not advertising any more. 22 years is long enough. I'm enjoying the shop! Thank you for your sweet comment! Let's stay in touch.


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