Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What Camera Do You Use?

I've spent the best part of my day taking photos and editing them. I'm making pictures for my newest ebay listings and I've decided to take them up a notch.

I have sold, both on Ebay and Etsy for years, but my photos have been just so so. I decided with my new shops, I will start fresh with good photos from the beginning.

Today was a good day for outside pictures because it's been overcast. No shadows or glare to deal with was a huge plus...not that it mattered much for the quilts, but I always appreciate a day like this. Here are a few, showing details and pattern.

Shabby to some but perfect for primitive craft making

Showing front and a little of the feed sack backing.

Colors are still vivid where there is pattern

There's that "preferred" staining.

Homespun backing

I could probably use a new camera. It would be so much better if I had control to focus on small objects like jewelry. It took me a lot of tries to get these in focus with my old point and shoot (Canon Power Shot A30), but somehow I managed. 

This was made outside on a piece of white cardboard

 Vintage Clip ons, clipped to a plate

Vintage Glass bead necklace made outside on white cardboard

 Rhinestones were really difficult to photograph for me. These still aren't great but I'm getting there. I had to try three different times to get them in focus and not reflecting crazy colors. I tried them outside first but I was getting color from all sides.

Made inside under florescent lighting

On white cardboard inside - florescent lighting

Inside - florescent lighting

Sitting on cotton so that it will be upright - inside - florescent lighting

So, what camera do you use for photographing items for your shops or blogs? I'm ready to go shopping for a new camera. Comments with your suggestions are greatly appreciated. 


  1. Angie, it's Jessica...I bought a new camera a year ago, and I love's hard not to take a good photograph with's Canon PowerShot SX120IS - it does everything! You can adjust for florescent (sp?) lighting, all types of lighting...micro/macro/black-and-white-sepia- color....I am loving it's not the most expensive in the world, either...

  2. Thank you. I will check that out. I've loved this old Canon, but I've had it since 2006. It's a little outdated and eats batteries!


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