Monday, January 24, 2011

Highlights from the Junk Workshop

The junk workshop on Saturday was loads of fun! I really had no idea exactly how it would go. I've mostly taught children and teen art classes and have never actually attended any type of workshop myself that I can recall. I thought maybe I should begin like I always do with art classes...with an introduction, a demo or instructions...etc. and then let them move into the fun part.

 I did none of the above. I did get to greet everyone individually but once they were in, well, it just happened. After everyone arrived they promptly took inventory of the junk, scooped up what they wanted and went to work. I was impressed. Most everyone arrived with a vision and if they didn't come with one they had one within the first hour.

Here's a look at the afternoon....

Getting started

The first hour was really quiet. Everyone settled and concentrating...

Can you tell what this is?

Jan brought the BEST junk from her barn. I'd love to go there and   "pick". 

Notice her and re-styled...just for fun. I would buy one of those!

Notice the cute bakelite alarm clock...another of her great junk.

Lauri making a screen frame for her earrings. I didn't get a photo of  the finished product for some reason...It turned out great. 

These girls are pro's. They could have taught the class! I loved their ideas.

I laughed when I took Krista's picture. I may have as many of her as her mom. She's been coming to  the studio since 5th grade. She's almost 17! 

Hour 2 and several completed projects later.

I wonder if Jonathan was channeling Tom Mix? ...He built an alter that he can pack up and take with him wherever he goes. I am looking forward to seeing it when he's finished! 

Aren't these great coasters? Zinc jar lids with paper inserts coated with several coats polyurethane. 

Cigar box turned jewelry box

Windchimes by our youngest participant

I'm so happy to know there is a use for all those corks I accumulate. Don't you love it?

My sister, Lori putting to good use all those windows she replaced in her old farmhouse. 
I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. We will definitely have to do this again. Thank you all for coming!

Today, the studio seems a little empty. I've packed away the extra tables and all the unused junk is back in my "stash". I've completely cleaned off my worktable and put away all the tools. The only thing left is the inspiration I got from being with all of the other creative people that spent the afternoon here.

Now, I've got about 12 weeks or less to get ready for the show in May. Ready or not, here I come. 

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  1. looks like you all had a fun day...just found your blog through your conversation on twitter...I make stuff out of junk too!


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