Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Thoughts and New Work

Ideally, this should have been posted yesterday for Worktable Wednesday, but time slipped away. I have purposely been staying off the laptop so I can be more productive elsewhere.

So, when I am in the studio I have lots of time to think...and think I have done. I've made some decisions about my work that I feel very good about. For starters, I am going to offer some printed things. It's really hard to be a prolific artist if I'm reproducing the same designs day in and day out.

This week, while working on said same ole, same ole designs, on canvas, I somehow ended up with vintage paper, acrylics and pens. The results were a series I've named The Guardians. Without even realizing it at the time I ended up with artwork for 3 future projects.

The Guardians
These will become printed coasters in the same fashion as my painted ones (canvas backed with cork). I can seal them the same as well with 6 coats of acrylic poly. I needed art for the tops of my soy candle tins so they can go there too. And lastly, the originals can be framed and sold that way. My sister, just today, suggested that they go behind wide mats and black frames and sold as a set. Sounds good to me.

I'm working on 2 more pairs on this same vintage sheet music...then off to something else. 

Look for these finished items soon in our shop here at home and in my Etsy shop. I'll let you know when they are available.

Talk to you soon.


  1. Love your new work! It appears we're kind of on the same track. I've been working with some old sheet music in some of my new projects. Haven't "revealed" as yet.
    Just like "numbered prints" I think printing your art work is totally acceptable...and well worth the purchase!

  2. Thank you, I'm glad you like them. I am surprised at how well the pages take paint. It's such a different surface than what I'm used to.

    I look forward to see what's new with you and your sheet music project!


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