Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Junk Baby

I wanted to give you a quick peek at one of the junk projects I made this week. Here again for the second week in a row...and only the second week in the new year...that I am a day late posting my Worktable Wednesday post. I hope this is not an indicator of the year to come!

 I do have a legit excuse...I left my camera in the studio last night and by the time I had taken off all my layers and my boots I was NOT going back out. We have a thin layer of ice left from Monday's and Tuesday's storm and by 10:30 last night it just wasn't worth risking a broken leg to blog!

But, here she is...

I don't know that she's completely finished yet. I feel like she needs to be holding something. I'm still looking for that something.

I love her!...and I think she is a real cutie. I've had the baby oil bottle for a while and no one bought it at the last open house so I put it back in my stash. While I was reorganizing some things I found the doll parts that I got at a friend's yard sale last summer. I never know what causes the initial spark but it ignited and I put the two together on my work table and other elements started showing up. As you can see there are pieces of vintage costume jewelry, silk flower petals from left over "Fairy Camp" from years ago, vintage buttons and scrabble pieces.

The frame was a steal (well not literally!) from a flea market last fall. I wish now I'd bought more than the two I came home with. I should have listened to my friend Ruth Ann! 

My junk baby actually hangs straight on her little diaper pin hanger, but I didn't want to leave her up long because the epoxy on the button hadn't completely cured when I snapped the picture.

This is an example of what students can do at our Junk Camp for Beginners workshops on the 22nd and 29th. This little girl will be for sale in Ranch Dressing Handmade and Vintage and may be listed in my Etsy shop as well after the workshops are over.

It's not too late to sign up for the class on the 29th. There are a few seats still available. You can register online or contact me email, phone or text. All of my contact info is in the side bar and in the link above in the About  tab.

More project peeks to come.

Talk to you  soon.

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