Monday, January 3, 2011

Our First Workshop of the New Year

Like all of you I'm excited to be starting a new year and I'm excited to announce our first workshop of the year.
Remember the clock case jewelry box? Junk find.

It's called Junk Camp for Beginners. Over the holidays when I would tell my friends and family what I was doing with junk these days they looked at me a little funny. So....I thought I'd give others the opportunity to catch the "junk bug" and join me in the studio for an afternoon. I have to warn you. It's addictive. You will never be the same again. 

I've already told you about all the "good junk" I have stored under my work table, in the stove house, in the barn, behind the tool shed and even a piece or two behind the tractor shed. To the naked eye, it is only junk and the typical things you see around farms, but to me I see art supplies.

For those attending, this may be the cheapest afternoon of fun you've had in a while. I know, we are all running a little short after shopping, eating out, partying, and splurging more often for Starbucks in December, but this mini workshop is a DEAL. Registration is $10 and the cost of the class is....what ever you decide you want to spend. 

We are setting up bins with junk ranging in price from $0.25 to $25.00. You choose how little or how much you want to spend on your project. We also encourage you to bring your own junk to swap with other participants. 

We will supply tools and materials for manipulating or connecting your junk into art objects...functional or decorative...large or small. It's up to you. Cool? We think so. I will have new projects on hand for inspiration and I will help you to see the potential in the items you choose to work with. 

When is this workshop?
Saturday January 22, 2011.
1pm - 4pm (you know I am NOT a morning person, and too, I am most likely going to be out yard sale(ing) until noon.)

Where is the workshop held?
Free Rein Art & Design Studio (upstairs studio in Ranch Dressing Handmade and Vintage)
1882 Kennedy Farm Rd

How do you register?

Or call, text or email. I will pencil you in and you can mail in or stop by the studio with your $10 fee. All of our contact info is in the sidebar.

Is there a deadline to register?
Yes, January 15th. The workshop is limited to 6 students. If we should have more interest, I will offer the class the following Saturday as well.

When you register, be sure to leave me all of your contact info for further instructions for the class. I will send and email or post card before the 22nd. 

Have I left anything out? Ask any questions in the comments section and I'll clear it up for everyone. I look forward to hearing from you and am really excited about the workshop!

Talk to you soon!

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  1. I'm thinking I'd love to join you! Maybe next time!


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