Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In a Junkin' State of Mind

I've been in a junkin' state of mind all week. One project only inspires another and another. I haven't gotten around to doing all that I've wanted to, but now I'm at least organized enough to make myself a list.

It's only three days until our Junk Camp for Beginners Workshop and I've got several new and simple projects ready to use as examples.

Goodwill frame with embellished horseshoe hanger
 This is a simple 1950's picture frame that I've repainted and distressed in my used to be another color before it was this I've hung it from brown velvet ribbon attached to a rhinestone embellished horseshoe right off Checker's front foot. Well, several years ago actually. He's a barefoot boy now and loves it! Oh, and this is for sale in the shop.

Horseshoe courtesy of Checkers
 How 'bout this sconce? You can see it's a garden digging tool that I've attached to a piece that I'm thinking may be the front of an old radio or some kind of speaker. It had a thin fabric backing... anyway, it turned out really cute. I can see a candle sitting on it or maybe even keys hanging on the teeth. This one too, is for sale at Ranch Dressing Handmade and Vintage.

Digger tool sconce
 The next two are from my personal junk and will go back on my porch where they came from. I'm all about adding feet and bases to things. I've been using this pot as a planter for years in the herb garden but it's almost rusted out and I wanted to bring it onto the covered porch before it was a goner. I added some drawer knobs for feet and a milk cap for a little color. I have just the perfect spot for it on our screened in porch.

Coffee pot turned planter with feet
 And this piece is made from one of my many, many enamelware pans and a ceramic snowflake planter from Goodwill.  After I put it together I realized the base is upside down...I think it looks better that way...evidently. I painted it with gloss and acrylics to look like rusty enamel itself. I believe it turned out better than I imagined. Now, it needs some little winter pots of pansies or some bird seed...haven't decided yet.

Winter birdfeeder  or planter
These are all simple and good beginner projects taking only about an hour more or less to complete. I'm looking forward to the workshop and seeing what the students come up with. I will be sure to post photos next week from the class.

Have you made anything from your junk finds lately?

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